King Henry VII

King Henry VII

Henry Tudor became King Henry VII of England and Wales following the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry’s family, the Tudors, had been involved in a long and bitter war against the house of York: The War of the Roses. At Bosworth Field Henry led his men against the forces of Richard III. The Lancastrians, followers of Henry Tudor, defeated Richard, who died in the battle: Henry Tudor now became King Henry VII of England and Wales.

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King Henry VII

Henry couldn’t be certain that he was safe as King of England. For a hundred years the country had been torn apart by bloody conflicts and wars about who should rule. In order to make sure that he was not overthrown Henry married Elizabeth of York. Marrying Elizabeth would, Henry hoped, prevent the House of York trying to kill him as they now held some power.

Henry VII faced other problems though. Not only was he fearful for himself but he had become King of a country that had no money, law and order were a problem and perhaps most worrying was the fear of a Spanish invasion.

Henry’s rule was successful. He ended the war of the roses through his his defeat of Richard III and marriage to Elizabeth of York. He managed to make peace with Spain, his eldest son, Arthur, married Catherine of Aragon (She married Henry VIII after Arthur died) and he brought stability, law and order back to England and Wales.

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