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Book Launch: Out on 13th November. On this Day in the Hundred Years War.


When two kings disagreed, the outcome was war.

King Edward III of England and King Philip VI of France dragged allies from across Europe into their fight for the throne of France.

The Hundred Years War shattered economies and lives, creating heroes and villains whilst shaping the identity of both nations.

It was a war so desperate that the English pawned the crown jewels while the French virtually bankrupted themselves to pay a king’s ransom.

Featuring revolts, murders, famines, crusades, royal intrigues and much more, Dan Moorhouse goes beyond the big battles to tell the tale of these tumultuous times.

History Teachers’ Resources

Resources on this site are being developed to fully support teaching at all levels. Our Primary History section is growing, with resources and articles available here. Narrative history continues to be added that is knowledge-rich. These cater for Key Stage 3 and the 1-9 GCSE criteria. Historiography is an area being developed for A-Level students. Teaching resources are being created to develop historical understanding whilst not just teaching to the test.

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A-Level Lessons

Wars of the Roses lessons for A-Level History

A harvest of heads

Explore the personality of Henry 6th through a lesson that is designed to develop your classes understanding of the period. This Context-driven approach enables a breadth of understanding about the intricacies of the court.

Factions and Feuds

This lesson looks at the structure of Government in Henry’s Minority and Majority. From here it explores the way in which decision making was conducted. Sources are introduced to show students some of the reasons why factions began to develop and encourage them to think about how this may affect the structures of government.

A Paper Crown

What went wrong for Richard, 3rd Duke of York? This lesson explores the tumultuous events of 1459/60. Students will gain an awareness of the various pressures upon both factions at the time.

The Personality of King Henry VI

What did Henry’s contemporaries think of him? This lesson examines a series of sources to develop an awareness of different views and the reasons why subjects and other commentators interpreted him so differently. Exam-style questioning is included with tips for students.

How did Edward IV gain the crown in 1461?

In this A-Level lesson, students explore the events from the death of Richard of York through to the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Towton. How was Edward able to turn a dire situation around so quickly?

Consolidating Power: The Edward IV Roll

This lesson takes a close look at the imagery in the Edward IV roll. It is designed to help students better understand the importance of legitimacy in the context of the day.

The ‘She-Wolf of France’: is this a fair assessment of Margaret of Anjou?

Margaret of Anjou’s role in the build-up to the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses and its early stages is subject to much debate. Shakespeare’s caricature of her being a ‘She-Wolf’ remains a popular view. But how accurate is this assessment of Henry VI’s wife and Queen? This lesson explores the evidence.

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville: Impact of their marriage on the State

The secret marriage of King Edward IV to Elizabeth Woodville was both unexpected and unwanted by many in the Council. Yet, it had to be accepted. The implications were large at court and ultimately throughout the country. In this A-Level lesson, we examine the consequences of various aspects of changes that the marriage resulted in.

Historiography of the Wars of the Roses. An introduction for A-Level students

This lesson provides students with an overview of the way in which historians views about the wars of the roses have changed over the years. This will help them to understand the various sources that are presented over their studies within context. This can lead to further exploration and analysis of historians changing views and the debates that have surrounded them.

Consummate Politician? Assessing Warwick the Kingmaker

Was Warwick the Kingmaker a consummate politician? This A-Level History exercise assesses his methods and motives c1450 to 1471.

Richard III: An extensive overview

A series of activities covering Richard’s adult life. A presentation provides an overarching chronology of his involvement in politics under the reign of Edward IV, explores the manner in which he became King in 1483, looks into his brief reign and finally addresses the invasion of Henry Tudor and Richard’s defeat and death at Bosworth.

A-Level and GCSE: Russia c1900-1953

Russian Empire: The Big Picture

Ruling Russia: Russian Government c1900

Revolution of 1905

GCSE: The First World War

Global Warfare

How ‘Global’ was the First World War? This lesson introduces pupils to the war from the perspective of it being a world war. Students quickly learn about the interrelationship between different parts of the word and the manner in which colonialism and Imperialism continued to fuel the fighting.

Western Front – Would you have made a good officer?

Interactive Exercise. One of our oldest activities. A decision-making game about leadership on the front lines. It is really good at getting pupils to realise that the front lines were not as simple as they may appear to be. Best used on Desktop/Laptops.

GCSE: Medicine

Medieval Medicine: Simulation Activity

A challenging but highly engaging activity that places your class at the heart of the Medieval Medical World. Pupils take on roles as different types of care providers, or patients from different backgrounds. Moving around the medical marketplace they encounter all manner of beliefs and a few costly roadblocks to their preferred elixir! All resources provided. Featured in Teaching History and Recommended by TES.

World War Two

D Day decision making activity

Places pupils in the role of Allied High Command and asks them to consider the various options available when planning to open up a Western Front following the entry into the war of the United States.

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Latest Resources

Primary Sources

Currently covering:

The Celts

The Saxons

The Vikings

The Wars of the Roses

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution


Suggested content

History Teachers Resources. A growing number of worksheets, active learning exercises and classroom resources.

Normans. 1066 and all that. Covering the events of the year of three kings and looking at the impact of Norman rule on England. Now extended to look at the Church in Norman England.

The Plantagenets Despite wars, plagues and rebellions the Plantagenet family ruled for longer than any other dynasty.

Wars of the Roses the rival houses of York and Lancaster split the Plantagenet family apart in this feud for the crown.

Tudors. Perhaps the best-known dynasty to have ruled England, here we look at the key events and personalities of the Tudor era.

Elizabethan England. Written for the 1-9 GCSE course, this unit provides support for pupils and teachers in preparation for exams.

Industrial Revolution. With links to lessons about the Victorians, this section proves to be our most popular. Sections include inventions, life in Industrial towns, conditions for children, the transport revolution and much more.

The British Empire. The largest empire the world has yet seen. Covering areas included in the OCR GCSE unit. This unit on empire explores the economic and social consequences of Empire at home and in the colonies.

First World War. The causes, course and personalities of the First World War. Includes an interactive timeline. Recent additions to this unit cover a range of the most significant battles fought in the war. These can be used to assess the changes in the nature of warfare. Tactical and technological changes during the war are also covered, through looking at the development of tanks and the stories of fighter aces such as Charles Gass and Billy Bishop.

Hitler’s Germany. A large number of articles and biographies about Hitler, the rise of the Nazi Party and life in Germany under Nazi rule.

Russian History. Covering the events of the Russian Revolutions to the fall of the Soviet Union this unit covers all of the key points for students studying the topic at GCSE.

Medicine Through Time. Last on our list of suggestions is this enthralling topic. From prehistory to the modern-day humans have battled with diseases and mystery illnesses. Here we look at these in the context of time periods and as themes in development.

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These providers come highly recommended by colleagues or ourselves. These are not sponsored links, they are here due to the contribution that they make to the history curriculum.

History Workshops – focussed on Primary Education, this provider brings history to life through engaging, fun and highly memorable workshops. The workshops are based in your own school, involve an array of costumes and replicas and are ideal for re-enforcing your classes understanding of key learning issues.

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Featured Content

The Battle of Bosworth – with the Anniversary this month why not take a look at the way that this famous battle was fought?

The Sinking of the Lancastria – the largest loss of life at sea in British naval history. Rarely covered in the media due to a D-Notice being issued during the war.

Topical Content

This term:

Teaching Ideas

Accessing knowledge rich materials for your classroom without using your budget. 5 outstanding resources that are full of ideas and accurate information for classroom use.

Differentiation in the History Classroom. A range of ideas and links to social media discussions that develop them.

Active Learning in History

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