William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is the most famous playwright of all time. He lived in Stratford – upon – Avon during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Shakespeare wrote many very famous plays and poems such as Romeo and Juliet and his sonnets. These are all very typical of the forms of literature of Elizabethan England. During the period people would go to watch plays, such as those of Shakespeare, for entertainment. The plays would be performed in theatres such as the Swan Theatre. These theatres were a little different to modern playhouses and theatres. The stage would probably be raised as it is today but the ‘stalls’ would most probably not have seats in them. This area would be for poorer people to stand. In the first and second floors of the larger theatres would be booths for people to sit and entertain guests whilst the play was performed.

The most popular plays of the time were love stores, comedies and history plays. This is clear from a look at the plays written by William Shakespeare. Poetry and singing was also popular at the time.

William Shakespeare was the most successful of the Elizabethan playwrights. His plays are still widely performed and studied today.

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