Richard, Duke of Gloucester’s request of the City of York. 10th June 1483.

On June 10th 1483 Richard, Duke of Gloucester sent an urgent message to the City of York. The message contains clues as to his motives for his actions at the time. Whether he believed the claims within the text, or was using them to manipulate the situation in his favour, is a matter of debate.

The text of the message is:

Right trusty and well-beloved … we heartily pray you to come unto us in London as speedily as possible after the sight of this letter with as many well-armed men as possible, to aid and assist us against the Queen, her blood and other adherents and affinity who intend to murder and utterly destroy us and our cousin, the Duke of Buckingham and the old royal blood of this realm.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester. 10th June 1483.


  • The perceived threat to Richard at this time. Is this a realistic claim? Is there any evidence to support it?
  • The need for armed men. What purpose would this serve? If the claim about a threat was not genuine, would there be any need for such a force?
  • No such message was sent to Southern Cities. What does this tell you about Richard’s position at the time?

Richard III asked the City of York to provide armed men for his cause in 1483


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