King Philip II of Spain

King Philip II

King Philip II of Spain played a major role in English history at the time of the Tudors. King Philip had been married to Mary I and was a staunch Catholic. It was the quarrel between Philip of Spain and Queen Elizabeth I that led to the Spanish Armada being sent to England. Philip of Spain was a very powerful emperor, his lands spreading not only throughout Spain but also throughout much of Europe: his inheritance being much of Holland, Austria and other parts of the ‘Low Countries’.

Philip II of Spain

Timeline of Philip of Spain’s life and achievements

1527 Born, son of The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal.
1543 Marries Maria of Portugal.
1554 Remarries. Marriage to Mary I of England.
1556 Crowned King of Spain. Philip had already been given Naples, the Netherlands, Sicily and Milan by his father.
1559 Remarries, to Elizabeth of France (Mary I had died by this time)
1567 Sends army to put down the protestant uprising in the Netherlands.
1571 Exiled Christianised Muslims from Spain.
1571 Spanish navy destroys Turkish navy.
1580 Conquers Portugal and claims it’s throne.
1584 The magnificent El Escorial palace was completed near Madrid.
1588 Philip sends the Spanish Armada to invade England.
1590- 1598 Spanish war against the Huguenots in France.
1598 Philip of Spain died, September 13th.

Ten things you probably never knew about Philip of Spain:

Philip of Spain was King of England as well for a brief period of time! He was married to Queen Mary.
He became King of Spain before his father died.
Philip was brought up by Roman Catholic Clergymen.
Philip inherited a lot of land in South America, including most of modern Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Mexico!
Philip banned the Protestant religion in all of the countries he ruled.
Philip disliked the English because of the ‘pirates’ such as Drake and Raleigh.
Philip wanted to make England a Catholic country again.
King Philip married 4 times.
Philip made use of the Spanish Inquisition to control his people.
The Philippines are named after King Philip of Spain.


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