The house of Plantagenet ruled England from the accession of Henry II in 1154 to the death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. The Plantagenet dynasty ruled England for longer than any other house. The period saw England transformed in many ways. Government saw many changes and many of the checks and balances that exist today originate from the Plantagenet era. Society saw the Feudal System begin to erode. Warfare changed, as a result of the Crusades and European Wars that England was involved in. The relationship between the different kingdoms of the British Isles also altered.

Plantagenet Coat of Arms

It must also be remembered that the Plantagenet monarchs were not ‘just’ Kings of England. The dynasty originated from both the Norman line and the Anjou line. Anjou was a very large and powerful domain in it’s own right, controlling much of modern day France. The Plantagenet monarch had a duty to protect Anjou, Normandy and England. The right to be overlord of the British isles was also of importance. The different Plantagenet monarchs had hugely different levels of success in this regard. By the end of the dynasty’s rule, the nations of the British Isles and France were formed in much the way that we now see them on the map.

The Plantagenets
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Magna Carta. 1215.

Major events of the Plantagenet era include:

The Murder of Thomas Becket

The Third Crusade

Magna Carta

Edward I’s wars with Scotland

Edward I’s wars in Wales

War of Scottish Independence

The Black Death – Top Facts Infographic

The Peasants Revolt: TimelineCauses

The Hundred Years War

The War of the Roses – Timeline

The War of the Roses – Battles, Personalities and Key Facts

The War of the Roses – Infographic


Preceded by The Normans

Succeeded by The Tudors