Source Material for Classroom Use

Primary Source Material is an integral part of History Teaching. At any level, the use of contemporary and secondary evidence is a vital part of the learning process. However, it is often quite hard to find suitable sources for use in lessons. Whilst some areas, particularly the more recent topics, are rich in available sources and have a plethora of audio-visual resources to support the text-based evidence, earlier eras can prove to be difficult to find such materials for. In this unit, we aim to build up a bank of source material that is relevant to either the Primary or Secondary School curriculum. It is designed to make life easier for hard-pressed teachers and will enhance your lessons by making them rich in knowledge of a variety of periods. 

Primary Sources by Category

The Celts

The Saxons

The Vikings

The Norman Invasion

The Wars of the Roses

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution

The First World War


The Second World War