European and World History

European and World History courses are common features of schools in the UK, USA and elsewhere. Resources and historical narratives on this site are written with an intention of being accessible for teachers, students and interested other. Content on the site is, generally speaking, written based on the contents of 1-9 GCSE courses in History in England. Much of the history is also relevant to K-12 and International Baccalaureate courses.

World and European History

Our European History Units

Germany 1919-1939

Russia 1905-1917

Soviet Union

Our World History Units

Arab-Israeli Conflict

America c1920-1941

America 1945-1971

China c1930-1976

First World War

Inter-War period: International relations

Second World War

The Cold War

Vietnam War

History of Europe

Our current materials on European history look at the story of Russia in the revolutionary period, the USSR and Germany. Other elements are touched upon in units on international relations and warfare. Materials here are based on quality and teaching or publishing experience. We are planning to expand into the history of other European nations and to extend content into other periods.

World History

As with our European units the selection of material is based upon experience of teaching World History to classes. Development of future materials will look to increase the breadth of our content. The Ancient Civilisations of each continent and Empires from various time periods are areas of interest.

Thematic History

While our narratives are predominantly modern histories, we also explore historical themes. The history of medicine is covered in depth by our family of sites. Featuring content from prehistory to the modern hospital, such a themed study encompasses the ideas, beliefs, techniques and cures from civilisations anywhere, anytime. See The History of Medicine

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