Liberal Reforms

Liberal Reforms

A new unit outlining the legislation passed by the Liberal Government elected in 1906. A period of great change in welfare provision. Legislation was far reaching with acts looking at children, the elderly, workers and the infirm. Working hours and rates of pay were altered. The Liberal Reforms were welcomed by many but criticised by some as going to far and others for not going far enough.

Herbert Asquith
Herbert Asquith, Liberal Party Politician and Prime Minister

Content in the new unit is as follows:

Liberal Reforms - Homepage
Trade Disputes Act 1906Workmens Compensation Act 1906Merchant Shipping Act 1906
Education (Provision of Meals) Act 1906Education (Administrative Provisions) Act 1907Matrimonial Causes Act 1907
Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908Children's and Young Persons Act (Children's Charter) 1908Old Age Pensions Act 1908
Labour Exchange Act 1909Trade Board Act 1909Housing and Town Planning Act 1909
National Insurance Act 1911Shops Act 1911Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act 1912

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