How did the Empire affect life in Great Britain?

Empire and consumerism

British Exhibition at Crystal Palace, promoting consumerism

Involvement of the British population in the slave trade and the ‘slave ports’
Emergence of consumerism

How did the Slave Trade affect West Yorkshire? A chronology incorporating links to evidence.

For most people in Great Britain the Empire was something that was a far off distant land. Those in the Royal Navy or Merchant Fleets, the mercantile class, planters, politicians and explorers had seen these far off countries. Most people hadn’t. For the majority, the empire was something that they heard about or read about. Maybe they knew about it from people who had migrated or served in the armed forces. They didn’t see it on a day to day basis though, or did they? How did the Empire change Great Britain? This unit explores the impact on British cities. The Slave Ports are a clear example of how Empire influenced trade. Consumer patterns are an example of how Empire was visible and impacting on daily life.

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