Innovative and Easy Ways to Make Learning History Fun

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Not everyone considers history a fun subject to learn. While you might enjoy exciting facts about your country’s past and the trials and tribulations it faced, you might find traditional learning methods notoriously mundane. If you don’t absorb information easily from textbooks and lecturers, it might be time to make learning history fun. Start with these innovative techniques below: 

Hire a Tutor

Not all traditional classroom history teachers know how to engage their young learners. If you’re struggling with your history lessons because of your teacher and fear poor results in your upcoming exams, consider hiring a tutor. An online A level history tutor can help students with revision and ensure you’re prepared for upcoming tests. 

Hiring a tutor can also be helpful if you’re worried you didn’t absorb enough information during your lesson. You can record and watch your online classes later to refresh your memory on course content. 

Visit Museums

You can read about special artifacts and items of historical significance, but you won’t always understand their importance. That might change when you visit a museum and see them in person. Museums are interactive and engaging learning environments that sometimes offer more helpful and easy-to-absorb information than written works. If you’re struggling to remember the details of significant historical events in a textbook, a trip to your local museum might be the solution. 

Find Historical Places

If you’re fortunate enough to live near where something of historical significance happened, consider paying a visit. You can gain a basic understanding of a location from a book, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person. 

Visiting a historical place can also be helpful if you’ve been struggling to understand the magnitude of an event. Seeing where it happened in real life might prove more valuable than you think.  

 Listen to Podcasts

We’re a nation of podcast listeners, with over 21 million people listening to podcasts in the UK alone. If you already listen to podcasts for fun, consider listening to them for educational purposes. Rather than sitting down and reading a book, you can go for a walk, cook, or participate in hobbies while you absorb valuable historical information. 

Studies haven’t found any discernible learning differences between reading or listening, but you might prefer history podcasts for their convenience alone. 

Watch Historical Movies

Many historical books are written by people who assume you already have a basic understanding of a particular historical event or period. That’s not always the case. As a result, you can read a textbook and still not understand enough about a subject to write about it confidently. 

That might change if you were to watch historical movies. The movies might have fictional characters, but their historical accuracy might help you absorb non-fiction information easily. Don’t be afraid to watch more than one on the same topic to gain broader insight. 

We all learn differently, and traditional classroom learning won’t always suit everyone trying to excel in history. Try the advice above if you’re struggling to absorb new historical information. Something as simple as hiring a tutor or listening to a historical podcast might prove more helpful than you think. 


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