West Hartlepool’s 3rd Zeppelin Raid of the First World War

On 13th March 1918 L.42, L.52 and L.56 Zeppelins set out to raid industrial areas in the North East of England. Poor weather resulted in two of the Zeppelins being forced to turn back. The third, L.42, could already see the British coast when it received the order to return to Germany.
The captain decided to continue with the raid. He waited until nightfall and then used the wind to drift inland. Soon he was over West Hartlepool. With no blackout, the lights of the docks, factories and homes provided clear targets.
4 bombs were dropped near the Workhouse, landing in fields and causing no damage. A fifth caused minor damage. L.42 then turned towards the docks, with several bombs being dropped. With AA batteries opening fire on the Zeppelin, it turned south.
Now the Zeppelin was over densely populated housing. And it continued its bombing. 8 people were killed and 39 injured before the L.42 turned toward the sea and made its journey back to Germany.

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Memorials for those who died in raids such as this are listed on the website of the North East War Memorials Project

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