Seven Suffragist Men

Seven Suffragist Men

It’s often forgotten that the fight for women’s suffrage wasn’t fought only by females. Among some of the  most significant suffragists were men who offered much to the cause. 

The Turning Point Suffragist Online Memorial has an entry about seven such male suffragists.

As Lauriane Lebrun suggests in the opening of the above article, men were vital allies in the fight for the vote. Not only did they have the political clout to exact change, they had the finance to support a campaign. Two key ingredients in persuading the men in power to take notice and change their stance on the issue of Women’s suffrage.

Lebrun has a focus on Male suffragists in the United States. They include members of congress and people more often associated with the campaign to abolish slavery.

For an introduction to male suffragists in the United Kingdom, try this page of the parliament website as it provides a very good introduction to the role of some men in the fight for the vote. Also see our article on the Representation of the People (1918) Act and the suffrage campaign in the United Kingdom.

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For more depth visit the wonderful Spartacus Encyclopedia which has numerous links to men involved in the campaign for votes for women.

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