Lenin’s Legacy

Lenin’s legacy

How successful had Lenin been?

By the time of Lenin’s death, the Bolshevik’s were firmly in control of Russia and the Soviet Union had been established. Political systems and structures had been adapted and policies had been put into place that were leading to improved productivity in agriculture and industry. The aim of a socialist state had not yet been realised, as the NEP was still in place. However, the economy had been greatly improved, which was what Lenin said was needed in order to enable socialism at a later date.

Lenin's mausoleum. A physical reminder of his lasting legacy


BBC World Service – An archived podcast discussing the question of what to do with Lenin’s body. Should it stay on display in the mausoleum?

New Statesman – article responding to a piece that had diminished Lenin’s significance. As such it is a little off being totally objective but offers a quite succinct summary of his legacy as seen by supportive historians / journalists.

Stafor – article exploring Lenin’s legacy. It has some interesting points within the article but I found it a little rambling and not focused enough on Lenin himself.

MSN News – a slideshow of 25 photographs illustrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Useful in that it shows how the imagery lingers on.

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