Battles in the Wars of the Roses

Battles in the Wars of the Roses varied in size and nature. Some were as simple as bands of retainers clashing. There were occasions where one side was routed whilst offering no defence. The Wars of the Roses are best known for the larger battles though. Englands bloodiest battle ever, at Towton, was a major turning point in the wars. Gunpowder was slowly making its way into warfare changing the nature of sieges and the battlefield.

Battles in the Wars of the Roses

Battle of Heworth, 24 August 1453
Battle of Stamford Bridge, 31 October or 1 November 1454
First Battle of St. Albans, 22nd May 1455
Battle of Blore Heath, 23rd September 1459

Battle of Blore Heath in the Wars of the Roses
The Battle of Blore Heath was an opening engagement of the Wars of the Roses

Battle of Ludford Bridge, 12-13 October 1459
Sandwich, 15 January 1460 (Raid)
Sandwich, June 1460
Tower of London, 2-19 July 1460,
Battle of Northampton, 10th July 1460
Battle of Wakefield, 30th December 1460
Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, 2nd February 1461
Second Battle of St. Albans, 17th February 1461
Battle of Ferrybridge, 28th March 1461

Battle of Towton, 29th March 1461


  • The Biggest Battle in English History.
  • The Most fatalities in any English Battle, ever.
  • Decisive Yorkist victory, Edward IV takes the crown.

Siege of Harlech, 1461 to 14th August 1468
Twt Hill, 16 October 1461
Battle of Piltown, Summer 1462
Siege of Alnwick July 1462
Siege of Alnwick Dec 1462 – Jan 1463
Siege of Bamburgh Dec 1462
Siege of Dunstanburgh Castle,  December 1462
Battle of Hedgeley Moor, 25th April 1464
Siege of Norham,  June-July 1463
Battle of Hexham, 15th May 1464

Wayside Cross commemorating Sir Ralph Percy who died at the Battle of Hedgeley Moor
Percy’s Cross on Hedgley Moor

Battle of Edgecote Moor, 26th July 1469
Battle of Losecote Field, 12th March 1470
Siege of London, 12-15 May 1471

Battle of Barnet, 14th April 1471

  • Richard Neville, Warwick the Kingmaker, killed in the battle.

Battle of Tewkesbury, 4th May 1471

  • Prince Edward killed.
  • The Duke of Somerset executed after the battle.
  • Decisive Yorkist victory.

Siege of St. Michael’s Mount, 30 September 1473-February 1474

Battle of Bosworth, 22nd August 1485

  • Richard III is the last King of England to have led a cavalry charge on the field of battle.
  • Richard III becomes the last King of England to have been killed in a battle.
  • Henry Tudor becomes King of England.
  • Decisive Tudor Victory.

Battle of Stoke Field, 16th Jue 1487

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