Animated Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was written mainly in Wessex. Early versions of the Chronicle were authored from the late 9th Century onwards. The Chronicles records earlier events before moving on to record major events of contemporary life. As such it is incredibly valuable to anybody studying or teaching the Viking raids, the Life of Kings such as Alfred the Great, or the unification and foundation of England. The Chronicles were still being written at the time of the Norman Invasion and Conquest of England. At different points in time, sections of the Chronicle were written at different sites around the country.

The Animations below are created by Voices of the Past, to whom we are not connected. They use direct quotes from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle alongside maps and images to visualise the context of what is recorded in the Chronicle.



Ohthere of Hålogaland’s Voyage to the White Sea. A story recounted by a Norseman to King Alfred. It was recorded by a Court Scribe and included in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.


Wulfstan’s Journey to Estonia


The Martyrdom of Kind Edmund. One of the most infamous acts of the Viking Raiders. King Edmund of East Anglia was brutally slaughtered by men of the Great Heathen Army. The Anglo Chronicle records the event, with legend mixed in with fact. You can read about the Martyrdom of King Edmund here. Note: The Chronicle’s account of the event was written sometime after Edmund’s death, he died c870AD and the Chronicle recorded it much later.


King Cnut’s Letter to the English People


King Cnut’s Second Letter to the English People


Wulfstan’s Sermon to the Wolf. See our page on Wulfstan’s Sermon to the Wolf.

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