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Mozaik3D – One of the greatest modern resources I’ve ever come across!

You’d be forgiven for never having heard of this app. Based in Eastern Europe, this company, or their app, rarely crop up on ‘Best educational apps’ lists in the UK and I’m bamboozled as to why. This company have created one of the greatest educational resources that I have ever come across! The Mozaik3D Edtech App is full of useful Primary History tools.

Edtech for resource for Primary History

So what is it? The Mozaik3D app is available on both Android and Apple products and acts as a portal to a whole myriad of content through the Mozaweb website, including books, videos, pictures and, the biggest selling point, a whole compendium of 3D models for just about every subject. I link my device, either iPad or Android-based phone, to the computer using Air Server and off we go. I’ve actually led a staff meeting on useful educational apps where this was the centre piece. As my school’s history co-ordinator, I collated all of the models and videos (available at that time) that were suitable for each topic, and let me tell you, the list for each topic was fairly extensive. This is the list of 3D models JUST for the Romans:

  • Coliseum
  • Early Roman Soldier
  • Circus Maximus
  • Ancient Roman Aqueduct and Road
  • Ancient Roman Domus
  • Baths of Caracalla
  • Roman Gladiators
  • Provinces and Settlements of Ancient Rome
  • Pantheon
  • Pula Arena (Roman Amphitheatre)
  • Quinquireme (War ship)
  • Ancient Roman Siege Engines
  • Ancient Roman Infantry tactics
  • Battle of Zama
  • Late Roman soldier
  • The Altar of Peace
  • Arch of Titus
  • Ancient Roman Senator and his wife
  • Theatre of Pompey

The resources available for the Egyptians and the Greeks are of a similar length. So why would you use these instead of a picture, a PowerPoint or a video from YouTube? The answer is simple. These 3D models are interactive. They breathe. They move around. You can dissect them. They fascinate, inform and engage. With these models, you move at your own pace. They are the closest that you will get to experiencing your topic without actually being there. Take a look at the video of the Coliseum 3D model below. Let’s face it, we’d LOVE to take our classes to the Coliseum to see it first hand, but we’ll rarely, if ever, be able to do that.

Want to investigate a Roman soldier and his equipment? There are two different models for that.

How about exploring the Acropolis? No problem, you can view it as a whole or dissect certain buildings, all in glorious 3D.

For the Acropolis, like the Coliseum, you can even see how it has changed from then to now using the ‘Time Travel’ slider!

Trying to inform your class about typical Viking towns? Easy. Take a look around a fortified Viking settlement and explore a cross-section of a Viking house. Why not have a wander around the town whilst you’re there? Use the ‘Walk’ tab to have a peek at the boatyard!

Whatever topic or subject you’re looking for, unless it’s highly specialised or local, you’re sure to find something useful. There are resources for just about every historical topic on the primary curriculum including: Stone Age to Iron Age, Romans, Vikings, Victorians, Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans, Castles, Explorers and many more. It also covers major subjects like Science, Geography and Art too. Because of its versatility, it has now become one of my ‘go-to’ resources when trying to provide engaging lessons that appeal to primary-aged children. Although the supporting ‘Information’ that is provided with each model is clearly aimed at an older audience, it still has its place within primary schools to either develop your own understanding or to highlight vocabulary that you might not have considered sharing.

The best part of all this? You can access nearly ALL of the resources for FREE! Simply sign up with an email address at www.mozaweb.com and you’ll have access to either 5 videos or models (you can mix and match) of your choice each week. Your allowance resets each Sunday, just in time for the next week. Paid subscriptions offer unlimited restrictions and there are multiple levels of subscriptions to suit individuals, classes and schools.

Seriously, if you weren’t aware or haven’t used this resource before, now is the time to do so and watch as your class become engrossed.

By Glenn Carter

Primary teacher and History Coordinator
(I have no affiliation with Mozaweb or Mozaik, I just really love this resource.)

Schoolshistory.org.uk – History Revision and Resources – History Teachers’ Resources – Primary History – Knowledge Rich resources that are free – The Romans in Britain

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