First Case of Spanish Influenza: 11th March 1918

Private Albert Gitchell became the first documented case of what became known as ‘Spanish Flu’. The US Army cook reported symptoms of a “bad cold”. He was soon followed by Corporel L. Drake. By noon of the same day, the camp surgeon had seen over 100 men displaying the same symptoms. The infection had taken … Read more

Battle of Neuve Chapelle

Neuve Chapelle Christ

The Battle of Neuve Chapelle The Battle of Neuve Chapelle was the first offensive campaign fought by the British Expeditionary Force during the First World War. Prior to this date, engagements had been defensive in nature, or engagements such as those undertaken in ‘the race for the sea’. It, therefore, provides the earliest example of … Read more

Operation Granby: The 1st Gulf War.

Operation Granby

Operation Granby. Ended 28th February 1991 On 20th August 1990 forces of the Iraqi Army entered and occupied the Gulf State of Kuwait. The action was widely condemned, and major powers worked via the United Nations to reach a peaceful resolution to the occupation. As diplomats attempted to use peaceful methods to remove Iraqi troops … Read more

13 ways of building Disability history into lessons on the Middle Ages

A lame man helping knights carrying the Holy Grail to Jerusalem

13 ways of building Disability history into lessons on the Middle Ages Disability HIstory is a part of the KS3 Curriculum that is easily overlooked or covered without it being realised or recorded in departmental documentation. Within a broad and diverse key stage 3, it is important to provide an awareness of issues such as … Read more

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