Continuity and Change in Medicine through time

Continuity and Change in Medicine

Students: Try this exercise to see how much you can work out about continuity and
change in the Ancient World.


Want to get an in-depth understanding of Continuity and Change? The try
this out.

Interview Doctor Fox! From

With thanks to Mr Tarr of
for making this excellent activity available.

Doctor Fox
– external link to
Use the drop down menu of selected areas (which is done by period)
to find out about key events and features of periods.NOTE the main beliefs and attempted cures that are mentioned in
each period of time.

Print out a copy of the interview that you have with the Doctor.
Then colour code your notes to identify FACTORS.

Annotate in the margins to show whether it is an example of CONTINUITY


Ian Dawson has an outstanding exercise about Continuity
and Change in the Ancient World

Ian Coulson has produced an interesting unit on continuity and change
in the first 50 years after the formation of the NHS. The illustration
of this page is very handy and helps students to understand how changes
have occurred during their own lifetimes.


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