The Rise of the Nazi Party. Themes and Factors.


Full lesson on the Rise of the Nazis.


  • Powerpoint including key points and lesson overview
  • Card sort
  • Classification task
  • Infographic
  • Revision chart
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What led to the Nazi Party gaining power in Germany in 1933? This lesson explores themes and factors that contributed to the Rise of the Nazi Party. It asks pupils to consider the significance of different issues, make links between them and assess the way in which they contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. 

Rise of Nazis

The content of this lesson on the Rise of the Nazis include:

  • A Powerpoint providing an overview of the lesson content
  • An activity sheet that comprises a card sort, a classification task and a planning exercise
  • An infographic illustrating the road to power (this is the same graphic that is in our other Rise of the Nazis lesson)
  • A Revision chart for pupils to complete




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