The Greek God of Healing. Asclepius Worksheet for Key Stage 2


Primary History Teaching resource. The Ancient Greeks. Asclepius, god of healing.

Asclepius and his daughters hyeia and Panacea are remembered for the development of a large cult based around their system of healing. Worrshipped fo over 700 years the cult had a profound impact on the history of medicine and remains used symbolically today. Asclepius can be considered as one of the significant figures of the Ant Greek world.

This resource comprises an information sheet and activity sheet.


If you are teaching the Ancient Greeks you may want to consider having a lesson on the Greek god of healing. Asclepius was the main god worshipped in City States for health. A cult emerged around his teachings. Asclepius’ followers built temples and practised medicine for over 700 years. The original version of the Hippocratic Oath began with a dedication to Asclepius. Even now symbols relating to Asclepion medicine are commonplace in the healthcare profession. For example, in England the Paramedic service has a symbol that shows the Rod of Asclepius with a snake around it, set against a wheel.

Asclepius Worksheet

This resource comprises an information sheet about Asclepius and an activity sheet. The activity includes some numeracy to get an idea of longevity of his cult. For comparison it also asks the class to then use the length of time he was dominant and consider what was happening 700(ish) years ago from today. This is intended to make the significance of Asclepius’ longevity significant and to make links between different periods. If you have already studied Hippocrates you can also illustrate the continuity of his theory of the four humours being used beyond the Roman era and well into the Medieval period.


Cult of Asclepius

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