The British Empire. A Reference ebook for GCSE History


The British Empire, a Reference guide for GCSE. This booklet provides the key points required for a study of the British Empire at GCSE level. It is written based on the key questions within GCSE specifications.


The British Empire is taught as part of some GCSE Specifications. However there are few British Empire resources available that are aimed directly at the age range of learners, or the elements of Empire that are addressed on these courses. To address this we have taken the key areas from one of the specifications and written student friendly reference material based on their needs whilst undertaking this course.

Our British Empire booklet is a narrative history. It provides the key facts and explanations of what happened, when and why. It is supplemented by the use of source material and incorporates images where possible. It is an ideal point of reference for pupils, parents and teachers.

British Empire Study Aid for GCSE

British Empire Reference Guide: Contents

The origins of the British Empire and the formation of the United Kingdom
The Economics of Empire, including the East India Company and Transatlantic Slavery
The Consequences of Empire at home, exploring the impact of the empire on commerce and society
Political change that arose as a consequence of Empire, including the emergence of Coffee Shop politics and radicalism
Common Questions about the British Empire. We’ve analysed search on our site and directly answered the most frequently asked questions that are being asked of the website on this topic.

The booklet can be used alongside textbooks or as a standalone reference tool. It is available here as a pdf file. An editable version of the booklet can be made available upon request. The booklet is also available on Amazon for users of a kindle and is in our TES Shop.

Resources are being written to go alongside this history resource.

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