GCSE Revision booklet: Weimar and Nazi Germany (31 Pages)


Revision notes on Weimar and Nazi Germany

GCSE Revision notes. 31 page document on Weimar and Nazi Germany. This is not specific to any board or examination year.


  • Notes
  • General questions
  • General advice


Student guide to Weimar and Nazi Germany

This 31 page document includes revision notes on many aspects of the history of Weimar and Nazi Germany. It includes examples of questions that could be asked – these need to be tailored to specifications – and guidance on addressing questions and using sources.

Weimar and Nazi Germany Revision Guide

Contents of the revision guide are:

  1. The Weimar Republic – Constitution and formation.
  2. The early days of the Weimar republic 1919-1923.
  3. The ‘Golden Age’ of the Weimar Republic 1924-1929.
  4. Economic Crisis 1929-1933.
  5. The Rise of the Nazi party.
  6. Creating a dictatorship.
  7. Propaganda.
  8. Economic Policy.
  9. Youth Policy.
  10. The Holocaust.

At 31 pages long the guide covers the main points but is far from comprehensive. Pupils will need to ensure that they are fully aware of the current specifications requirements and contents. Questions in the booklet are not intended to act as exam style questions. They are general questions around which the examiners may form questions.


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