The Romans in Britain for Key Stage Two.

A Worksheet designed to introduce pupils to some of the main organisational changes in the way that Britain was run following the Roman Conquest. It focusses on Change as a historical Concept and Historical Enquiry as a skill. Key terminology is reinforced throughout.


This resource guides pupils through some of the key historical points in the Roman occupation of Britain. The Romans in Britain introduced a new system of government and taxation. This was one of the main changes. Pupils are introduced to the concept of change through this example. 

In particular this worksheet teaches them:

  • about what a province is and the duties of governors
  • the rebellion of the Iceni
  • introduces some historical terminology
  • develops historical skills by focussing on the first steps in historical enquiry

The resource guides your class through these slowly as it is designed to be an introduction to these history skills and the Romans in Britain. It begins with basic comprehension which can be built on through discussion. Reference to modern day examples may help pupils here – I often find it useful to use roles in school quite good as pupils relate to these much better than modern political terms.

The sources included in the activity have been abridged to make them accessible for a Key Stage 2 class.

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