Rise of Hitler


Free revision materials on the Rise of Hitler

In this download you will find:

  • A text only presentation summarising the key points
  • A 3 page long summary sheet on the Rise of Hitler
  • An infographic that shows the key events in chronological order


The Rise of Hitler. Free Reference Resources.

The Rise of Hitler is an integral part of a GCSE History course that includes German History from 1919-1945. The consequences of the First World War for Germany and the onset of the Great Depression led to a situation in which extremist groups entered the mainstream. Hitler and his Nazi Party capitalised on this. A rapid, largely legal, rise to power took place. Hitler rose from relative obscurity in 1928, to being Fuhrer in 1934.

Within this pack there are:

  • A powerpoint that provides bullet points of the main causes and events of the Rise of Hitler. The presentation is text only so it is a reference point rather than an engaging stimulus tool.
  • Revision notes. This guide summarises the main points in more depth. It is useful for pupils to have in their files as a reference point as it gives sufficient information about the main issues, events and people concerned with the Rise of Hitler.
  • Infographic. Sometimes it’s easier to break things down into flow charts. That is what this infographic does. It places the Rise of Hitler into a chronological time frame and succinctly notes the key events. Pupils can then expand on these using information from the powerpoint and revision notes.

Hitler Revision

Build on this:

Providing materials alone often isn’t enough. Structuring the pupils revision is often helpful. For those who need support in doing that, or who just need to consolidate their understanding of how things fit together, see our Exam Revision Chart on the Rise of Hitler.

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