Partition of Ireland – Worksheet


Partition of Ireland

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The Partition of Ireland and formation of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland did not bring an end to disputes. The Irish Question continued to be a significant issue for the Government of the United Kingdom throughout the 1920’s and 30’s. This source based resource assesses the reasons why Partition not bring peace in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

1-9 GCSE and KS3 History students may think that peace comes quickly after a treaty, truce or ‘solution’. This often isn’t the case and proved to be so in Ireland. The Civil War came to an end with the island of Ireland split into the irish Free State and Northern Ireland. Borders were based largely upon the division between Unionists in the North East and Nationalists elsewhere.

Partition of Ireland Worksheet

Partition settled many matters but in itself opened up other issues. No border ever truly settles an issue when it is constructed upon majorities. In doing so, a minority on either side will be left ‘on the wrong side’ of the border. This can, and did, cause problems.

This 1-9 GCSE worksheet provides a number of sources that look at issues in Ireland at the time. Questions then cover understanding of the sources and assess the extent to which religion played a role in their being an ongoing issue.

The Partition of Ireland
British history
Home Rule for Ireland
Easter Rising


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