Origins of the Weimar Republic


Origins of the Weimar Republic

An introductory lesson on the problems that the new republic faced in its first few years of existence. The lesson comprises source material, classification activities, a cause and effect chart and a brief presentation that summarises the key points. The lesson can be taught using just the materials in this pack or alongside other classroom resources.


Origins of the Weimar Republic

This lesson pack covers a range of issues relating to the formation of the Weimar Republic. It comprises:

  • a brief presentation covering the main points
  • a sources sheet, covering a variety of themes that affected Germany in the republics early days
  • 3 categorisation activities

The sources introduce your class to a range of issues faced by the fledgling Weimar Republic. Pupils consider the importance of each and can discuss how they would influence public opinion, confidence in the state and the thoughts of extremist groups. These are used to complete a series of classification and categorisation tasks. These are designed to give pupils a firm basis upon which to develop their understanding of the political and economic fluctuations of the Weimar era.

Kaiser Wilhelm's abdication led to the foundation of the Weimar Republic. This is a lesson about its early days.

The presentation introduces or reiterates the key facts. It is a simple summary of things that happened. It could be used as part of a teacher introduction, or left to be used as a checklist during the lesson.

The 3 classification tasks record evidence relating to key aspects of life in Germany. Statements are given and the class use the source material to provide evidence and note the people and groups involved. This leads to an introduction to the uprisings, identifying the main early coup attempts and creating an introductory guide to them. The third of these tasks looks at causes and effects of key moments in the early history of the Weimar Republic.

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