Online CPD: AQA GCSE History. Health and the People


This online CPD course is aimed at teachers delivering the AQA GCSE History specification. It provides online guidance and support in relation to the thematic study on Health and the People c1000 to the current day. 

The course addresses:

  • Subject Knowledge
  • Key learning issues
  • The latest academic thinking on the area
  • Raising attainment
  • Pupil Support and Intervention
  • Making the most of artefacts, visits, displays and reenactors


Tailored specifically for teachers delivering the AQA GCSE History course, this online history cpd tackles teaching and learning issues within the Health and the People c1000 to the modern-day option. The online cpd covers: subject knowledge, across each of the areas noted in the specification; Teaching and Learning issues, addressing those ‘hard to teach’ aspects of the course; Raising attainment, exploring the best ways to get the highest possible grades; External sources, looking at ways of utilising artefacts, reenactors, displays and site visits; Pupil Support, offering resources to help your classes and ideas for intervention. 

The course begins in early January. An early booking discount is in place until 4th November.

Online CPD for teachers of AQA GCSE History Health and the People option

Course overview: AQA GCSE History. Health and the People c1000 to the current day

Provides subject knowledge and academic research on the factors, themes and content cited in the specification to get people up to date with current thinking – or to introduce teachers to it if they are new to the course.

Tackling learning issues. Thematic studies have a handful of concepts that pupils sometimes struggle with. The course provides examples of activities that address this along with an explanation of the pedagogy behind it.

Raising attainment. Obviously a key issue with regards to any exam specification. Explore a range of resources and theories in this area with materials used in schools that get great results (actual and on progress).

Artefacts, Reenactments, Displays and Site Visits. Essentially all of the bits that aren’t your standard lesson. Ideas and examples are provided for each along with research to illustrate the opportunities that they provide. These link in with other teaching/attainment ideas.

Pupil support. A range of materials that can be used by your pupils to consolidate knowledge and hone skills.

Online Course activities:

Articles – academic
Articles – teaching based, similar to my Teaching History articles
Downloadable resources for classroom use
Interactive activities – similar to ones you might use with classes

Course Leader

The course will be delivered by Dan Moorhouse. Dan has published several works on the History of Medicine for Hodder Murray. Additionally, he has provided CPD on Medicine through time, and other things, for the Schools History Project and the Historical Association. Dan has also written articles on the teaching of Medicine through Time for Teaching History and has activities available on

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Note: This is a virtual product. You will receive login details for the course shortly before it commences. Your proof of purchase and reference numbers will appear on your receipt and can be accessed by logging back into your account at any time: these are secure areas.


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