Norman Conquest Workbook


Norman Conquest Workbook

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This Norman Conquest Workbook is a standalone resource that covers the main aspects of the Norman invasion and Conquest of England. Starting with the events of 1066 the printable resource looks at William’s invasion, the Battle of Hastings and features of Norman Rule. The booklet can be used as a homework pack or as part of a sequence of lessons on the Norman Conquest. It was written for Year 7 pupils who have no prior knowledge of the period.

The Norman Invasion was one of the biggest turning points in English history. Year 7 pupils find the events enthralling as it includes aspects of life and story telling that grab the attention of people with most types of interest. Whether it’s war and the gory side of history, or the subtleties of social changes, the Norman Invasion and Conquest has something to offer.

British History
The Normans
William the Conqueror
The Church in Norman England


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