Medicine in the Renaissance – Worksheet


Medicine in the Renaissance


Medicine in the Renaissance

Medicine in the Renaissance saw new ideas emerge about the way that the human body worked. People such as Vesalius, Harvey, Da Vinci and Paracelsus explored the workings of the body. Anatomical knowledge developed, though in the face of much opposition. Change did not always follow the breakthroughs in anatomical understanding. This worksheet provides students with information about the Renaissance period and medical development and practises at the time. It is aimed at 1-9 GCSE History students. Activities are then split into three categories: 1) those which test students understanding of the breakthroughs in the period 2) Questions that assess understanding of continuity and change and 3) Questions that ask pupils to describe the work of key individuals from the period.

The resources in this download are sufficient to work as a standalone resource but can easily fit in alongside other resources. There is enough information in the information sheets to use the product as a homework sheet.


Medicine through time

Hippocrates and his Big Ideas – article that helps to set the context for beliefs before the Renaissance

Medical Changes in the Renaissance

William Harvey Worksheet

Andreas Vesalius Worksheet

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