Medicine through Time resources for KS2 Primary lessons. Ancient Greek and Roman individuals such as Hippocrates and Asclepius.


Ancient Greece and Rome have a number of hugely significant figures in the history of Medicine. These people can be studied as part of a study of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome or a thematic study of Medicine through time. A thematic study allows pupils to be taught an overarching history of a theme. This enables historic concepts such as continuity and change, and chronology, to be explored.

These resources look at Medicine and Surgery in Ancient Greece. They have been developed for Primary as a result of requests made on Mr T Does Primary History. Further resources will be added soon.

Resources in this pack include:

  • The Theory of the Four Humours. An information sheet and a suggested kinaesthetic activity.
  • Hippocrates. The Father of Medicine.
  • Surgery throughout time. An introduction to the concepts of continuity and change.
  • Asclepius. An information sheet.

Medicine through time

Themes in the history of Medicine

Theory of the Four Humours

Public Health in Ancient Greece

Hippocrates and his Big Ideas

The Cult of Asclepius

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