Medicine in the Ancient World Board Game


Medicine in the Ancient World Board Game


Medicine in the Ancient World Board Game

Medicine through time introduces pupils to many individuals, events, factors and places. It can be a little overwhelming. This revision game takes the key elements of medicine in the Ancient world and places them into an adaptable game format. Loosely based on the monopoly board game, this game sees pupils pitting their wits against each other to take control of the centres of medical learning of the period. The game comes with a board, fake ‘gold’ and a bank of questions. Instructions for the teacher and class are also included. The game has been used for 20 years and on many occasions classes have asked if they can adapt the rules. This tends to work quite well and has had many variants over the years. The most common adaptation is for learners to add their own questions. I often get classes to create follow up questions on different periods of time so that the game grows as the course is delivered. If you want to adapt it for a different period of medical history in a rush, see the Dingbats starter activities we have as they have the key information required to set up questions quite quickly.


Medicine through time


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