Lesson: The Role of the SA. Usefulness of Sources


The  Sturmabteilung (SA) – Source Evaluation lesson

This lesson examines two sources about the  Sturmabteilung. One is a 1925 extract, the second a David Lowe cartoon. The lesson comes in the format of a powerpoint presentation. It provides pupils with an insight into the uses and limitations of each source and encourages them to examine the finer detail of visual sources.


The Role of the SA. A Lesson that evaluates the usefulness of sources on the Sturmabteilung.

This powerpoint based lesson examines two sources about the Sturmabteilung (SA). Pupils are taught how to question each source, looking at the contents of the source, it’s purpose, authorship, context and the tone. Standard areas of strength and limitation are explored and pupils taught or reminded to look for a range of things when evaluating the usefulness of a single piece of source material.

Source Analysis exercise on the Sturmabteilung

The lesson is split into two parts. The first uses a short passage. It guides the class through the key points, offering suggestions on the structure of an answer. A written task is included that has a 4 level mark scheme for pupils to use as self or peer assessment.

The second half of the lesson is again about the usefulness of a source. Here a famous David Lowe cartoon is projected for pupils to consider. Are they now able to apply the points about the usefulness of sources in the first part of the lesson to this image? Depending on the class, that question could be set straight away. The second half of the presentation opens with the image and question but is then followed by a series of close-ups. Specific areas of the cartoon have been highlighted and questions raised about the meaning of those segments. This reinforces the point that there is often a lot of hidden imagery, that all aspects of a source need to be considered. These cut-outs can be used to guide a class through the second question or referred to after the class have attempted the question. Either way, they reinforce an understanding of the different elements of a source.

Source Material for Classroom Use

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