Kitchener’s recruitment drive in the First World War


Lord Kitchener launched a recruitment campaign during the First World War. It led to a large volunteer army being created, based on ‘Pals Regiments.’ The recruitment poster and the thoughts of soldiers who joined up are evaluated in this worksheet.


Lord Kitchener famously appeared in recruitment posters stating ‘Your Country Needs You!’In this worksheet (2 sides) pupils look at the poster and make inferences about its purpose, meaning and appeal.

Sources are also included to show pupils what people who joined the army thought about signing up to fight. These sources and the poster allow the children to draw conclusions about the reasons why people were willing to volunteer for the armed forces during the early stages of the Fist World War.

The tasks are ideal for part of a Key Stage 2 or 3 study of the First World War.

KEy Stage Two Worksheet on Lord Kitchener

The First World WarThe Bradford Pals


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