Key Stage 2: Teaching the Wars of the Roses


The Wars of the Roses for Key Stage Two History Teachers


Video-based Online CPD for Primary School History teachers wanting to develop their teaching of the Wars of the Roses.

A series of video sessions with follow up discussion and accompanying resources that explore ways of teaching the Wars of the Roses. This period of history is full of fascinating stories, significant people and events and includes one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of British History. The sessions will be available anytime, anywhere, supplemented with live talks and supporting documents.


  • The place of Wars of the Roses in Key Stage Two
  • Themes to explore
  • Developing a sense of period
  • Continuity and Change
  • Developing historical and thinking skills
  • Pupils as historians: how to make use of contemporary sources
  • Mythbusting: addressing popular misconceptions

Resources will accompany the sessions which can be used in your planning. Ongoing support will be provided via discussion groups, one to one conversations and updates to the course based on the latest research.

This course will be available from June.



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