Hitler’s Rise to Power Revision Chart


Hitler’s Rise to Power Revision Chart


Hitler’s Rise to Power Revision Chart. 1-9 GCSE History often includes the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. It is a key issue on many studies of Modern World History. The political changes within Germany in the 1920’s and early 1930’s are difficult for many pupils to understand. Hitler and his Nazi Party rose from relative obscurity to power, then dictatorship, in just a few years. With a wealth of information available to them, lots of pupils struggle to break it down into memorable and accessible chunks. This revision aid does just that. It identifies the main issues and individuals and provides a simple but effective grid into which students can make their notes. This format could be used as a reference tool to develop as a course progresses; be part of a consolidation and condensation of notes revision exercise or be a tool to use in one to one intervention sessions.


Weimar and Nazi Germany

Rise of Hitler – infographic that shows the chronology of Hitler’s rise.


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