Display Bundle – History Poster Special Offer


Back to School Bundle of 40 posters for display in your history classroom or department. These posters provide a wide range of views about the past. They are designed to prompt discussion about the nature of history, reinforce the significance of studying history and to highlight different views of the development of society over time.


Our two Display Packs bundled together as a back to school special offer. Comprising a total of 40 posters this bundle offers the opportunity to regularly update displays with minimal time being consumed. The posters make use of a wide range of inspirational quotes about or from the past. They pose questions about what history is, why it is important and how it has been recorded or viewed over time. These present the opportunity to theme the posters to have focussed display boards on different aspects of historical thought. They can be used as a one a week prompt for discussion, easily achieved through use of the two powerpoints to project quotes as a stimulus as pupils enter and settle down. They are useful for tutor time and citizenship sessions, providing a clear focus for discussion. As many of the quotes from history come from popular and significant pieces of literature it broadens horizons and links with the work of the English department.

The Back to School Bundle is on sale at this special price until 1st October.


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