CPD Course for teachers: The First World War (January 2020)


First World War e-cpd

An online training course for teachers interested in improving their subject knowledge and applying this to teaching and learning issues. The course incorporates 8 weekly units, is rich in archival and academic materials. Tuition takes the form of online discussion, reading materials and individual assistance from the course tutor. All course materials are available for you to use in your own research or teaching.


CPD Course for teachers: The First World War

This 8-week long online cpd course provides teachers with an overview of the latest historiography, archive material and teaching ideas relating to the First World War. It draws on materials from leading providers to develop subject knowledge. Teaching and learning issues relating to key areas are discussed across the different strands that are explored. 

Covering several aspects of the nature and course of the First World War the teaching and learning element of each unit will enable you to take away practical ideas that can be used in your classroom. The ideas contained within the units include tried and tested teaching activities, articles that theorise approaches and suggestions for new approaches.

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Units on the course:

  • Causes of the First World War. Historiography.
  • A Global Conflict.
  • Trench Warfare
  • Medicine in the First World War
  • Changing Nature of Warfare
  • Archives, Articles and Academia. Using a historians tools in the classroom
  • Rethinking the causes of the First World War. An alternative approach and exercise.
  • Propaganda

The material in each unit draws from various academic sources. Course participants can access as much or as little of it as they wish to. The course will focus on one topic per week. This allows enough time to access materials without it being too much extra work. Participating in the discussion forums will form a key role in ensuring that everyone takes away as much as possible from this training.

The course started on 6th January and runs for the following 8 weeks. Book now by entering your details. Priced at just £16 this represents excellent value for money, just £2 a week including all of the course materials, discussion and individual guidance from the course tutor. Early booking discount is available until 9th September 2019.

Our reference materials on the First World War.

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Note: This is a virtual product. You will receive login details for the course shortly before it commences. Your proof of purchase and reference numbers will appear on your receipt and can be accessed by logging back into your schoolshistory.org.uk account at any time: these are secure areas.


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