Back to School Display Pack


Back to school poster pack for your history classroom. 20 posters based on important or thought provoking quotes about the past. These can promote discussion and raise awareness of the nature and importance of history.


20 posters based on famous inspirational quotes about history. These posters can be used to prompt discussion, promote the relevance and importance of history and to generate interest in the study of the past. They cover a range of approaches and meanings so can be sorted into themes. Many quotes about history come from famous literary works or political discourses. These promote links between History and other parts of the curriculum, making them incredibly useful for tutor time discussions and themed weeks/months.

Combined with our other pack of inspirational posters there are more than enough to have one motivational or inspirational poster displayed each week. This enables easy updates of display, encouraging pupils to engage with the displays and drawing them toward other curriculum items displayed nearby. The posters come in pdf and powerpoint formats to allow flexibility of use in class.


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