Causes of the Wars of the Roses

Margaret of Anjou marriage to Henry VI

What were the causes of the Wars of the Roses? The Wars of the Roses were the results of years of growing tension. The Hundred Years War had gone badly. England had lost all of her mainland European lands except the port of Calais. Ill feeling about the way that the war had been fought … Read more

Stansfield on the South West in the Wars of the Roses

Regional studies of the Wars of the Roses are widespread. Like any civil war, the conflict had ramifications around the country. Studies of the way in which the conflict impacted upon regional governance, landownership and society in general result from this. They are intended to provide further depth of understanding. They can provide the missing … Read more

Wars of the Roses 1455-1487

Wars of the Roses. Depiction of scene in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part 1 in which people choose sides

The Wars of the Roses were a dynastic power struggle that took place in 15th century England. Two rival factions of the Plantagenet family fought for the crown. Many of the major personalities of the wars shared the same names, see this family tree to see who is who: On one side, King Henry VI … Read more

Hicks on the causes of the Wars (From a Review by Professor J Watts)

Hicks on the Causes of the Wars of the Roses

Michael Hicks’ work on the Wars of the Roses is one of the best known recent interpretations of the conflict. Hicks is known for having a different approach to the wars than many other historians. He looks at the causes from different perspectives, using several analytical frameworks to explain the causes and ending of the … Read more

What happened in the War of the Roses?

Who was involved in the War of the Roses? Where did the Battles take place? What were the main battles of the War of the Roses? When did the invasions and battle take place? Why did the wars break out and why did the the house of Tudor emerge victorious? Our infographic below helps to … Read more

Infographic: Course of the War of the Roses

War of the Roses Infographic

The War of the Roses is a difficult set of events to understand. Roughly 50 years of plots, counter plots, invasions along with the odd execution, murder and disappearance. As with any complex set of events it can be broken down into more accessible chunks. Here’s a handy graphic that highlights some of the key … Read more

When were the Princes in the Tower last seen?

How and when did Richard Duke of Gloucester become King Richard III?

This book goes beyond the births, deaths, and marriages of the 15th century. The glamour of the court and coronations is joined by plots, uprisings, and reprisals. Scientific, literary, religious, and trade developments and breakthroughs are explored. Political wrangling's, social justice, and the legal system's intrigues emerge in events from each day of the year. Large bloody battles, claims of hereditary rights and campaigning feature alongside quirky stories of everyday life. A unique event from each day of the year is to be found in this book.