Impacts of Gaius Julius Caesar Every Student Must Know About


Who is Julius? Gaius Julius Caesar was a great Roman general and statesman as far back as 49 BC. He is the brains behind the immerse growth of the Roman empire. For such impact, he his still relevant till today. The society is incorporating ways by which younger generations can know the icon.

One major way is introduction to students in history topics. They give assignments and essays on Julius Caesar to make students learn about him. Although some hire a pro to write it for them so that they can get an in-depth essay. It doesn’t make a different whether you order essay or you write by yourself; so far you are learning, its fine!

So, why is Julius Caesar important today? What makes this man special? What has he done to be greatly referenced today? This article will provide answers to all your questions about him. Read on and enjoy.

Four Impacts of Gaius Julius Caesar that Every Students Should Know

Although this great emperor accomplished a lot, we will narrow it down to the four most important Julius Caesar historical significance:

He made Rome a great empire

Students and many other know Rome today as they great empire it was back in the days. Little do they know that Rome was formerly a republic. The power was in the hands of the people and the republic was not progressing. They resort to appoint a dictator; Julius Caesar. This answers the question; why was Julius Caesar important?

Julius Caesar as a dictator ruled Rome with a mighty fist and he reshaped it into what we know as a great empire today. Not only did he do it for himself, his successors also benefited immensely from it making it one of the best contributions of Julius Caesar. We can see it from his nephew, Augustus who became the first Roman Emperor.

He Significantly expanded the Roman territories

The Caesar history of the world attest to the fact the Julius was responsible for a significant growth in the Roman territory. His reign brought about the Romans conquering a lot of neighboring lands. Not only did he conquer them, he was able to bring them under his control.

Today, Rome as taught in your college is a vast land with so many territories. The beginning of the expansion into a wide territory began from Gaius Julius Caesar.

He set a good benchmark for successors

Julius set the pace for how the people should visualize emperors. He was granted a divine status by the state and he was the first to acquire such merit. Even after he was long gone, they continually referenced him. It also boosted the prestige of the emperor position; as you may have learnt in your university, they were viewed as gods.

He created an indirect awareness of the Great Britain

Back then, Britain was not as great as we know it now. In his lifetime, Julius made about two expeditions to Britain and although he wasn’t able to fully capture it, it opened the eyes of the world to Britain. Julius Caesar historical significance still remains memorable to the country till date.


Without a doubt, Julius Caesar remains one of the biggest figures in today’s history. He did enough for some to reference him as a god. On campus, there are several programs that discuss his importance in history and writing. Knowing these impacts would be great for you because the upcoming generations need to also have due awareness about the great Gaius Julius Caesar.


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