George Harrison, born 25th February 1943

George Harrison was one of the ‘Fab Four’, a founder member of the Beatles. Harrison’s musical career saw him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Beatle and as a Solo Artist. As well as achieving worldwide fame as Lead Guitarist in the Beatles, he was the first of the band to release a Solo Album, many more of which followed.

George Harrison
George Harrison

Though he is best known for his time in the Beatles, his solo career was also very successful. His first solo single, My Sweet Lord, was a hit that still receives a lot of radio play today. His work as a solo artist was heavily influenced by Indian Music, his first 2 solo albums were largely instrumental and utilised the Sitar and Slide Guitar, taught to him by Ravi Shankar.

George Harrison organised The Concert for Bangladesh which was one of the first major fundraising events by musicians with charitable aid in mind.

He was also the executive producer of 23 films, under his own company Handmade Films. If being a Beatle, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee twice, OBE, multi-platinum selling artist wasn’t enough, he also helped to form a supergroup, the Travelling Wilbury’s and in 1984 had a Dwarf Planet named after him. George Harrison died of Cancer in 2001.

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