How-to Guide on De-Stressing During Finals Week

How-to Guide on De-Stressing During Finals Week

Finals week is the time that makes every college and university student freak out. When it’s almost that hell time of the year, you feel like both stress and anxiety are coming out of nowhere. Taking into account how overwhelming this period of time is for you, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. Let’s check some of the simplest ways to calm down and de-stress during finals week. The recommendations given below won’t take up much of your time, which means you won’t have to distract from your studies.

Enjoy the Music

After writing your essay or surfing online to find materials required for your research, you can feel as if your brain is in Error-404-page-not-found mode. And more often than not, you find yourself having zero interest in what you’re learning – that makes your brain melt.

One of the best ways to get yourself in the right mood (even when it comes to dealing with the disciplines that you hate!) is to turn on some of your favorite songs. Consider it a little reward for what you just did. If you’re working on your essay or lab report, make sure to try to get through 300 or 400 words and then reward yourself by checking some of your favorite songs for 15 minutes. As a result, you will get motivated enough to get the job done as fast as possible. When you’re done with your assignment, turn your favorite songs on and party hard!

Take a Nap

With all the papers that you have to accomplish, it’s no doubt that you are not getting enough sleep every other night. If you tend to get less than 7 hours of sleep, you get less focused and sluggish. This in turn can cause poor absorption of information and inability to accomplish tasks on time. If sleep deficiency occurs in your academic life, and you feel like your academic progress leaves a lot to be desired, there’s always a professionally written essay to buy online. Custom writing experts are there to help you when you’re tired physically and mentally. One of the best things to do in this case is to place your order at one of the custom writing services and…take a nap. Sometimes what you need is just 20 or 30 minutes to take a nap and your brain will reload completely. You will feel your energy getting back to you. And when the finals week is finally over, you can regain your sleep just because you earned it.

Get Some Exercise

If you find yourself losing the battle with stress, it is time to hit the gym. Do some squats, enjoy a volleyball game with your friends, or do some yoga in a park. As an alternative, you can also ride your bike, go for a walk, or jog. If the weather is not warm enough to have fun outside, make sure to try something new in the gym. It is no doubt that you are going to feel both energized and relaxed afterward.

Meet Your Friends

You have to focus on your studies. No one is going to dispute that. Nonetheless, working on your home assignments for hours can make you feel like you can’t take them anymore. The best way here is to take a short break and meet some pals that are in the same boat as you. For instance, after writing your movie review for a couple of hours, consider spending another hour hanging out with college fellows. Make sure you talk about anything but college and things that have something to do with it. Discuss your plans for the summer break, some new TV show, or the boots that you saw at the mall the other day.

Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Now that you know how to face finals week with confidence, make sure to check some of the don’ts of the process.

  • Don’t skip your meals. No matter how busy you are with your college homework, you have to take at least half an hour out of your routine in order to have a healthy snack. Your brain needs some fuel, which means you shouldn’t choose to study over your breakfast or dinner.
  • Don’t pull all-nighters. The reality that all-nighters tend to happen from time to time in one’s college life. However, sleep is a precious thing and an integral part of academic success. You are going to be more productive when you had adequate sleep at night than when you spent the night writing an essay till the dawn. Sleep helps you relieve stress and feel refreshed to try again.
  • Don’t even think that college grades can define you. Many college and university students tend to believe that college grades set the tone for their academic journey. That’s not true. Instead of pursuing perfection, make sure to pursue excellence. Even if you happen to get low grades on this or that discipline, it’s not a disaster. You will 100% do better next time.

In addition to the methods of de-stressing described above, make sure to visualize yourself somewhere on a sunny beach. It’s your favorite cocktail that you hold in your left hand and a new Vogue that you’re turning pages of with your right hand. After all, you’re almost there – the summer holidays are just around the corner!

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