Operation Granby: The 1st Gulf War.

Operation Granby

Operation Granby. Ended 28th February 1991 On 20th August 1990 forces of the Iraqi Army entered and occupied the Gulf State of Kuwait. The action was widely condemned, and major powers worked via the United Nations to reach a peaceful resolution to the occupation. As diplomats attempted to use peaceful methods to remove Iraqi troops … Read more

Eric Robinson’s Victoria Cross, 26th February 1915

Eric Robinson VC

Eric Robinson was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions of the 26th February 1915. Robinson was one of a demolition party from HMS Vengeance set ashore at Kum Kale, Gallipoli. A party accompanied by Royal Marines landed at around 2 pm, under Maj Granville Heriot DSO. The objective was to destroy any Ottoman guns … Read more

Formation of the Luftwaffe, 26th February 1935

Luftwaffe formed 26th February 1935

The Luftwaffe was officially formed on 26th February 1935. Though banned by the Treaty of Versailles, the Nazi State had been building up the airforce. Having already enjoyed some successes at seeing terms of the treaty undone, albeit unofficially, the decision had been made to reveal the new airforce. The Luftwaffe was soon to be … Read more

When were the Princes in the Tower last seen?

How and when did Richard Duke of Gloucester become King Richard III?

This book goes beyond the births, deaths, and marriages of the 15th century. The glamour of the court and coronations is joined by plots, uprisings, and reprisals. Scientific, literary, religious, and trade developments and breakthroughs are explored. Political wrangling's, social justice, and the legal system's intrigues emerge in events from each day of the year. Large bloody battles, claims of hereditary rights and campaigning feature alongside quirky stories of everyday life. A unique event from each day of the year is to be found in this book.