A curious use for tobacco…

These days there’s pressure put on smokers to give up; there’s legislation coming out reasonably regularly to limit exposure to smoke; there’s limits on where you can / can’t smoke and gruesome warnings and images on tobacco products showing just how harmful smoking can be. Things have most definitely changed… Tobacco was first introduced to … Read more

Edward Jenner Quiz

A quiz about Edward Jenner and his vaccine for Smallpox. Edward Jenner is known as the father of immunology. His work led to effective vaccination against Smallpox. Jenner’s first use of a vaccine was on a young boy. James Phipps, aged 8, had the pus from an infected cowpox postule drawn through an incision in … Read more

Edward Jenner administers first Smallpox vaccine #otd 1796

On 14th May 1796 Edward Jenner administered the first smallpox vaccine. Jenner had got the idea from innoculations using cowpox. Though he never understood why it worked, it was a huge success. Smallpox, a virulent killer, was eventually eradicated as a result of development of the vaccine. Teaching Resource: Edward Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine … Read more

Hippocrates and his Big Ideas


Hippocrates and his Big Ideas Hippocrates is one of the most significant figures in the history of medicine. Despite living two and a half thousand years ago, his ideas still influence medical practice today. Hippocrates was responsible for a vast number of texts, the Hippocratic Corpus, and instilled ideas about care that are taken for … Read more

When were the Princes in the Tower last seen?

How and when did Richard Duke of Gloucester become King Richard III?

This book goes beyond the births, deaths, and marriages of the 15th century. The glamour of the court and coronations is joined by plots, uprisings, and reprisals. Scientific, literary, religious, and trade developments and breakthroughs are explored. Political wrangling's, social justice, and the legal system's intrigues emerge in events from each day of the year. Large bloody battles, claims of hereditary rights and campaigning feature alongside quirky stories of everyday life. A unique event from each day of the year is to be found in this book.