Book Launch: On this day in the Hundred Years War

I am delighted to announce the launch of my latest book. On this day in the Hundred Years War is the second in my On this day in history series, with On this day in the Wars of the Roses having already been published. With a conflict so long and with so many political intrigues, treaties, truces and interesting people, there was a LOT to choose from: there was enough content for each day to have written 4 or five entries for most days of the year!

Consequently, this book is packed with interesting tales. Some are the more obvious entries. The battles, significant marriages, the trial of Joan of Arc, and the major revolts across Western Europe all feature. But, there is so much more to the period. Some are mind boggling, such as Aquitaine being saved simply because one woman refused to surrender her castle to the French – who simply stopped their advance on Bordeaux as a result. Others illustrate the problems faced by ordinary people, their frustrations with taxes, the development of new ideas, or simple changes to trading patterns.

On this day in the Hundred Years War
On this day in the Hundred Years War

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When two kings disagreed, the outcome was war.

King Edward III of England and King Philip VI of France dragged allies from across Europe into their fight for the throne of France.

The Hundred Years War shattered economies and lives, creating heroes and villains whilst shaping the identity of both nations.

It was a war so desperate that the English pawned the crown jewels while the French virtually bankrupted themselves to pay a king’s ransom.

Featuring revolts, murders, famines, crusades, royal intrigues and much more, Dan Moorhouse goes beyond the big battles to tell the tale of these tumultuous times.

In ‘On This Day in the Hundred Years War’ historian Dan Moorhouse uses contemporary evidence to bring to life the events of the period. Famous battles and personalities feature alongside revolts, assassinations, plots, everyday life plus even the Crown Jewels of England being handed over to moneylenders. By utilising this format of an event linked to each day of the year an interesting overview of the period is provided. Being bitesized in nature makes it readily accessible while still offering a different perspective for the more knowledgeable reader.

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