Book Launch – On this Day in the Wars of the Roses

On this Day in the Wars of the Roses

On this Day in the Wars of the Roses This book goes beyond the births, deaths, and marriages of the 15th century. The glamour of the court and coronations is joined by plots, uprisings, and reprisals. Scientific, literary, religious, and trading developments and breakthroughs are explored. Political wrangling’s, social justice, and the legal system’s intrigues … Read more

Online Course: The Wars of the Roses (September 2020)

Wars of the Roses. Image by Pipilongstockings, Creative Commons 2.0 licence.

An online course about the Wars of the Roses.

The Wars of the Roses was a struggle for power between different branches of the Plantagenet family. The causes of the Wars are Complex, as are the reasons for the way in which the conflict developed. This course explores the people and places at the heart of the conflict. It uses academic opinion and contemporary sources to provide an insight into the period and politics. The nature of warfare and the role of noblewomen are explored.

This is a virtual product. Participants will receive an automated receipt and then an email with login details one week before the start of the course.

Personalities of the Wars of the Roses

King Henry VII

The Wars of the Roses was dominated by the actions of a number of significant people. These personalities of the Wars of the Roses dictated the policies and actions that triggered the wars. They organised armies and military campaigns. Some made arrangements for diplomatic marriages that prolonged the wars. Other people stand out because of … Read more

Battles in the Wars of the Roses

Battle of Barnet. 19th Century Lithograph

Battles in the Wars of the Roses varied in size and nature. Some were as simple as bands of retainers clashing. There were occasions where one side was routed whilst offering no defence. The Wars of the Roses are best known for the larger battles though. Englands bloodiest battle ever, at Towton, was a major … Read more

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