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Germany 1919-39

CPD for teachers on Weimar Germany and Nazi Germany.

Guidance, support and resources for teachers of Key Stage 2 History.

The Wars of the Roses was a struggle for power between different branches of the Plantagenet family. The causes of the Wars are Complex, as are the reasons for the way in which the conflict developed. This course explores the people and places at the heart of the conflict. It uses academic opinion and contemporary sources to provide an insight into the period and politics. The nature of warfare and the role of noblewomen are explored.

Memorialisation and Remembrance

There are many occasions and people from the past that societies choose to memorialise and remember. The lives of ordinary people, otherwise lost to history, can sometimes be traced through the memorial stones left on their graves. Large memorials and statues celebrate and remember the greats, and not so greats, of the Ancient World. Great victories and achievements are both memorialised and remembered. So too, sad losses. 

For many schools the areas of memorialisation and remembrance will be a major focus at perhaps just two times each year. Marking the anniversary of the Armistice and Holocaust Memorial Day. This short course provides ideas, links, academic thought and practical resources that will help planning for either of these major events of remembrance.

The course also provides examples of other ways in which memorials can be used in history teaching. This caters for local history, historical enquiry and a range of topics at both Primary and Secondary.

Many thanks go to Tony Fox for his comments and sharing of resources for this course. Without them, the course wouldn't have been put together. Some of the resources provided by Tony are ones he has developed in his roles for the Battlefields Trust and the Historical Association. 

The First World War: Causes, Course and Themes uses academic research and archival materials to explore issues that commonly appear on the schools history curriculum. 

Causes of the First World War - how has historiography changed?