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Tudor England: Activities

Quizzes and Activities about Tudor England

Browse through this extensive collection of online activities about life in Tudor times and select the one's most appropriate to your studies.

Tudor Quiz General quiz about the Tudors. ATW Member.
Christopher Columbus ( One of the logo quizzes from a multiple choice quiz testing your knowledge of events relating to Columbus. ATW Member.
Early European Explorers For the popular Key Stage 3 topic, a lengthy wordsearch to find everything related to explorers.  As with other quizzes, pupils can then try a more difficult quiz to reinforce their knowledge. ATW Member.   
Edward VI source analysis (Wolverhampton Grammar) A novel and interesting exercise.  Using a contemporary painting, you need to identify different aspects and then work out an explanation of each aspect ATW Member.
Elizabeth I Key Points Quiz  17 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge of Queen Elizabeth I.  Covers all aspects of her reign. ATW Member.
Events 1500-1750 wordsearch  A quick, easy introduction - can you find all the events and personalities from 1500-1750 in the wordsearch? ATW Member.
Explorers Multiple choice quiz testing your knowledge of early European exploration.ATW Member. 
Explorers Wordsearch See if you can find all the words related to explorers in this interactive wordsearch. ATW Member.
Ferdinand and Isabella: Cloze exercise (RJT) ATW Member.
Henry VII Decision making game (RJT)  Based on the activity in the textbook by Ian Dawson, this game encourages new A-Level Early Modernists to "think sixteenth century" by taking a series of decisions as the first Tudor Monarch. ATW Member.
Henry VIII Multiple choice quiz testing your knowledge of Henry VIII - do you know everything about him? ATW Member.
Henry VIII's wives DHTML matching exercise  A simple exercise where you have to match up the portrait with the wife.  A recent 4+ browser is required. ATW Member.
Henry VIII's wives matching exercise  Matching exercise where you have to name each of Henry's six wives (suitable for older browsers) ATW Member.
Lutheran/Catholic decision game (Wolverhampton Grammar) Encourages pupils to examine the religious issues that divided Europe and provides a profile of religious belief at the end.  Again, excellent material from WGS! ATW Member.
Making of the Union Flag A multiple choice quiz that tests your knowledge and understanding of the Union Flag.  Assessment part of an online lesson. ATW Member.
Monarchs 1500-1750 Can you sort out the order and correct dates of all the monarchs between 1500 and 1750? ATW Member.
Shakespeare quiz ATW Member. 
The Henrician Reformation Cloze Exercise (RJT) - ATW Member. 
The Henrician Reformation Crossword (RJT) - Fill in the blanks and learn a little more about the changes of the period. ATW Member.
Sourcework exercise (Schoolsnet) A further logo quiz, a multiple choice quiz testing your knowledge of events relating to Shakespeare
Rulers of England and Britain (1066 - today) ATW Member. 
Wars of the Roses (Wars of the Roses)  
Tudor (Newman College)  
Tudor (the House of Tudor page) Small, yet beneficial Tudor quiz - you need to get all these correct first time!
Tudor History (Tudor England) A ten question Tudor quiz.  The answer system takes a little time to master, but an interesting and useful quiz.
Tudor Web Project (2S) - Currently a collection of nine different quizzes related to Tudor History. Detailed knowledge required.
Timeline of the 16th Century (RJT) - This quiz asks you to work out the correct order of events.
The Tudor Portrait Mystery - .This self-contained online activity helps students to analyse picture sources; it is best attempted after they have studied the Reformation of Henry VIII (by jody). ATW Member.
The Tudor Trophy Challenge (  
The Tudors Check your knowledge with this activity. Lengthy but excellent quiz that tests your knowledge about all aspects of Elizabeth I and other Tudors
Are you a Lutheran or a Catholic? (Wolverhampton Grammar School) This decision-making exercise encourages students to think about the sorts of issues that divided Christendom and then gives them a profile of their religious beliefs at the end. ATW Member.


The Tudor Dynasty
Significant events of the Tudor period
Personalities of the era







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Recommended Resources - new site. Including Blog and use of twitter for free text / IM revision tips. highly recommends these sites: - new site aiming to provide an accessible narrative for GCSE History pupils. - fantastic range of interactive games, revision materials and links. - outstanding use of ICT to engage pupils. - a brilliant range of learning activities from Ian Dawson - simply the best for Modern World GCSE students - resources and CPD materials from the Historical Association. - make your lessons 'real' with artefacts and living history provided by experts - same author as this site, just put together in a slightly different way! - all new resources for teachers and pupils of the SHP Medicine course - A new site providing resources for teachers and pupils of the Crime and Punishment unit - excellent range of photographs of Yorkshire scenery. Militaria - a range of interesting pieces of militaria is available via tihs site
The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye, Oakworth - great historical public house with loads of great beer and a lovely atmosphere