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The English Civil War

The English Civil War was a conflict between King Charles I and his Parliament. King Charles believed that he had a 'divine right' to rule: this meant he thought that God had given him the right to rule over the people. He rule for 11 years without calling a parliament. However Charles ran out of money and needed to ask Parliament to raise taxes. Furious that Charles had ignored them for so long parliament refused and a bitter row broke out between Charles and the members of parliament.

Tempers remained high and when Charles stormed into the house of Commons to arrest several MP's war became inevitable. All over the country people began to take sides. The landowners and 'gentry' sided with the King: as they had the land on his say. Most townsfolk sided with Parliament, especially the wealthier merchants.

The war was bloody and many people were killed in the battles. In the end it was Parliament who were the stronger army and the king was deposed. Soon after the war was over, and it had stopped and started several times, the King was put on trial. Parliament found him guilty of Treason and in 1649 King Charles was beheaded. England now had no King.

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